People Centered Service!

You should be able to contact your representative for help with local and federal issues impacting your life and community in a transparent, effective and timely manner. It shouldn’t matter who you know or what neighborhood you live in, what your background may be or any titles before your name. We all deserve an accountable government that listens to the needs of its citizens and delivers consistent results. I want to see our government out in communities, engaging people on pressing concerns and relevant issues. I believe that those elected to represent us have a duty to be present boots-on-the-ground in our neighborhoods and to commit to service and solutions for every citizen. We are deeply committed to public service and engagement, actively meeting women and women, old and young from Sausalito to Mendocino to Arcata and beyond. I want YOU to hold me accountable for every commitment I make to our community. Together, we can deliver solutions. Please reach out about any and everything… ideas, questions, stories, random thoughts, connections, complaints, requests, links, content. My team and I really do look forward to hearing from you!